While architecture is an applied science between technology and an initial idea, our approach is to first develop a full understanding of the client’s programmatic needs, schedule, and budgetary constraints to ensure the finished product meets the client’s goals and intent.

Company Profile

Based in Auburn Maine, the HEC+A team provides highly personalized services for both large and small projects.  We have over 35 years of experience in a variety of projects, in both the residential and commercial sector.   We utilize a project delivery process that incorporates the talents and skill set of each team member, including consultants, early in the planning phase to ensure a successful project.

While we have a strong ability to create a sustainable design solution to any challenge presented to us, we believe it all begins by developing a transparent partnership with the client.   It is that collaborative effort that transforms an idea or dilemma into a conceived environment that exemplifies beauty, enhances human well-being, and is truly functional.

We are purposely a small firm as that allows us to be responsive and attentive to every project.  HEC+A is a team of design and management professionals with extensive knowledge in constructing space and we will be dedicated throughout the entire project to ultimately enrich the lives of those occupying the client’s vision.

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