Christine Kendall Owner HEC+A Architecture and Planning Auburn Maine
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Christine Kendall


“I love to watch my team grow in their abilities and in their confidence. I love to see people achieve things that they didn't think were possible.”

As the president of H.E. Callahan Construction, Christine never wanted to start an architectural firm. This changed when she met Matthew C. McClenahan, an immensely talented architect. She created HEC+A to be home to Matt’s talent and vision. Today, Matt is the Director of Design Services and leads all architectural services at HEC+A, while Christine provides team support.

At a young age, Christine was curious how things went together, and she was always tinkering around. This deep curiosity later earned her a BS in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and sparked a new passion for construction. Prior to purchasing H.E. Callahan Construction in 2015, Christine worked for various civil engineering firms and has 20 years of construction experience and a particular expertise with contracting delivery methods. She’s also LEED Certified and is the former co-owner and Editor in Chief of Kayak Magazine.

Christine loves this industry for its people and the ability to problem solve. She likes seeing how hard work and the right people make a big difference every day.

As the owner of both H.E. Callahan Construction and HEC+A, Christine thrives when she sees her team excel. While she’s hesitant to use the term “maker of dreams,” she wants to know where people most want to go. She enjoys supporting this path forward, bridging the gap between impossible and success.

In her free time, Christine seeks outdoor adventure. She enjoys hiking, running, skiing, and soaking in the Maine experience in all seasons.

Maddy Foster Intern HEC+A Architecture and Planning Auburn Maine
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Maddy Foster


“I’m fascinated by the building world, and I look forward to being part of it.”

As a current architecture student at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Maddy provides operational support to the HEC+A team.

After high school, Maddy accepted a summer internship with H.E. Callahan Construction Co. Since her father worked in construction, she was curious about the industry, but she didn’t think this internship would change the direction of her life. Instead, she fell in love with the building world, and knew she wanted to be part of it.

At college, Maddy loves the immersive hands-on and collaborative experience of her architecture classes, and she knows she’s in the right spot. In her role with HEC+A, she enjoys providing behind-the-scenes support to the team and gaining important experience in her future field.

In her free time, Maddy plays on her college basketball team and enjoys exploring Boston with her friends.